Big changes for our Academic village coming up this month

11. 25. 2021

We're moving forward towards a better future for all students at LIGS University. From 12/01/2021, we are launching several academic novelties at LIGS University. No need to worry, dear LIGSters. The change is a good thing.

An online education available to everyone, wherever you are in the world? Not science fiction, but reality. Our study department has prepared several academic changes, and here is an overview of them.

Automated webinars

The first change is the upgrade of offline webinars. Automated webinars will be available from the 1st of December. What does it mean exactly? The webinars without an admin will now broadcast at 3 set times, always after 8 hours within 24 hours.

  • 4.00 UTC
  • 11:00 UTC
  • 19:00 UTC

You can start the webinar at any time mentioned above and get the credits you need. You must participate for at least 70% to receive 0.5 credits.

How will it work in real life? If you subscribe to the webinar, you will receive an e-mail with all three links at three specified times for the webinar. For example, you can watch part of it in the morning and the rest during the evening run.


How will this work if you have questions about the topic? You can write your questions in the chat or the final evaluation, and the study department will forward your question to the lecturer.

On-demand webinars

Interactive webinars or so-called on-demand will be available from 12/01/2021, three days after their implementation. So you can watch the webinar for 72 hours. Great news for those of you who don't have time to join on a given day, but you're still interested in the lesson. So you can play it from the record. In addition, it is possible to rewind or pause the lecture within the recording if you want to take notes.

The link will be active and available in the student system (LMS). The recording will be ready to watch the next day at noon UTC.

We believe that these changes will make your study accessible, and you will be able to devote yourself to it to the maximum, even if you work full time. 

We are LIGS, an online university that adjusts to your needs no matter where you are.

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