FREE Public Interactive webinar | How to Improve Managerial Skills

3. 8. 2023

One of the challenges that organizations have been continually facing is the absence of good management skills in the workforce. As globalization takes over the functioning of organizations, the need for excellent managerial skills among all employees has become pressing. Effective management skills are not only instrumental in driving companies to heights of success, but equally contribute to the career progression of employees. Possessing these skills prepares professionals to take on higher-level roles across industries


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Topic: How to improve managerial skills 

Date and time: Monday, March 27, 2023 at 2pm UTC

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What can you expect and what will you learn about?


  •  Explain why managers are important to organizations.
  •  Tell who managers are and where they work (Workplaces)
  •  Describe the functions, roles, and skills of managers.
  •  Describe the factors that are reshaping and redefining the manager’s job.
  •  Explain the value of studying management.


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