Free Public Interactive Webinar Invitation | Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity

5. 29. 2023

Let's explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on cybersecurity. Discover how companies leverage AI to fortify their cyber defenses, uncover the benefits and limitations, and delve into the evolving attack surface. Gain insights into applying AI for enhanced protection in the digital age.


Important Information:

  • Topic: Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
  • Lecturer: Dr. Tan Kian HuaDr. Tan Kian Hua
  • Date and time: June 26th, 2023, at 10:00 AM UTC
  • Entry: FREE

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About the webinar:

To understand how artificial intelligence is affecting the attack surface of cybersecurity and how companies are using artificial intelligence to win in their cyber defense. 


During the webinar, we will review the following topics:

  • Enterprise attack surface
  • The Result
  • Why Cutting-Edge
  • Understanding AI Basics
  • Rule-Based VS Machine Learning-Based
  • Artificial Intelligence vs Data Analytics
  • Golden Question
  • Applying AI to Cybersecurity
  • New levels of intelligence
  • Early AI adopters
  • Using Cybersecurity for AI
  • Benefits and Usages
  • Disadvantages
  • Adding to cyber threats

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