Interview with Dr. Grigory Sergeenko | The winner of the Lecturer of the Year 2021

9. 26. 2021

The students have spoken! As every year, we hold a student poll for the most popular Lecturer of the year. The winner for this year's event is Dr. Grigory Sergeenko, Professor of Financial, Risk Management, and Project Management. We asked him a series of questions about his teaching experience and why he loves it so much. So here it comes. 

SergeenkoCongratulations on winning the Lecturer of the Year 2021! It is a well-earned title. Can you share your teaching tips and tricks with our readers? Why do you think you have won the poll? 

Thank you so much. It is a great honor to receive such an award. For me, it is a great honor since it comes directly from the students. When I was doing my Ph.D., my biggest inspiration was my supervisor Dr. Valeri Doliatovsky. He is an academician with a great name, teaching in the US, France, and around the globe. 

The trick is simple: you give them the freedom to create, you mentor students, but you never micromanage. My way is to help a person to grow while I am managing the big picture. 

Can you share with us what do you like about LIGS the most? 

I was with LIGS from almost the very beginning. For me, LIGS is not only a university with great potential, but it is a pioneer of top-quality education online.

Why do you think education is so important? 

All life of the human being is about knowledge. From birth, you learn. Education gives us a tremendous ability to be more creative and to make new knowledge. That is the only way to progress - constantly learning. 

Can you tell us more about your career and tutoring experience? 

I started my teaching career as a lecturer at Novocherkassk Polytechnic University (Russia) in the Applied Math department (my Alma-Mater). Then Ph.D. in 1999 (awarded in Moscow as the best Ph.D. in the field), moved to Prague (Czech Republic) to join a Ph.D. program in CERGE-EI, then worked in various hedge funds and financial institutions in Europe, established my own company doing fintech tools, in parallel worked at C-level (Russia, UAE, Switzerland) leading small groups and large companies with 1000 people, awarded in Singapore for the Excellence in Finance in 2019. In parallel, I have joined Swiss company Nice and Green as a CTO building AI/ML tools.

Teaching is my passion, and I believe that this is one of the most significant activities in life. That's why I joined LIGS more than eight years ago. I find a lot of parallelism between managerial and teaching experience. 

How would you convince people to start studying at LIGS University? 

That's easy. LIGS is a unique - top-quality, fully-online based University with ASIC accreditation. I think that tells you a lot

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