John E. Gilliam, member of LIGS University Board of Trustees

12. 10. 2018

Interview with John E. Gilliam, member of LIGS University Board of Trustees, Professor, Lecturer, Researcher, and Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award Holder.

John GilliamAloha, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is John Gilliam, Ph.D. I have been in academia for the past 15 years and a full-time tenured faculty member at Texas Tech University. Prior to my academic life, I spent 24 years in financial services as a manager, trainer, and advisor.

The past several years I have developed an interest in teaching personal finance classes in the Czech Republic. I am currently a Fulbright Scholar serving at Mendel University in Brno.

Where did you hear about LIGS University and what inspired you to take on the role of a board member?

When I first decided to travel to the Czech Republic, I sought out professionals in the financial advisory field. My contacts soon led me to Marta Gellova. Marta currently serves as Chairwoman of the European Financial Planning Association in the Czech Republic. After four years of coming to the Czech Republic, Marta introduced me to Pavel Makovsky and LIGS University.

I am currently involved in creating a Corporate Education program for Texas Tech University which is a hybrid education model. I saw that being involved with LIGS University could expand my experience as an academician while being on the forefront of a new online university.

What areas are important and interesting for you as a Board member?

My interests are in the financial and developmental areas of the University.

What are your goals as a Board member?

My goal as a member of LIGS BoT is to be a part of a team, which will steward an educational experience leading our graduates to make contributions in their respective areas of study.

What do you like about working in the field of education?

Watching a student's “light bulb” come on in their mind as they understand a concept, and helping others understand how to use it.

What do you think are the benefits of an online form of education?

Being able to disseminate knowledge to students at a rate that suits their world and life.

In your opinion, what are the main reasons for choosing LIGS University as a student?

Pavel, this is a difficult question to answer since I am just learning about LIGS University, the BoT, and the faculty.

What do education and personal development mean to you?

Education is the knowledge used to build, create, or expand the unique talents within someone.

LIGS University is currently involved in the accreditation process with WASC. Do you see the value of accreditations for universities and for students?

Accreditation is critical in expanding our market for students and giving the students a chance to earn a degree with a University known for its quality graduates.

Thank you for your time

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