LIGS community | Nnenna Uboma publishes her second book – Lessons to my younger self

6. 5. 2023

We love to share our community's achievements! And this one deserves all the bang! Our student Nenna Uboma wrote her second book, and we are proud to feature it on our blog! Congratulations and let's see what's the book about! 


About the book

Lessons To My Younger Self is a reservoir of practical knowledge, saturated with massive benefits. The artistic, colorful, and dramatic display of life in motion shows that ‘this life is meant to shine.’

Lesson to my younger self, book coverIt catches the eyes and captivates the mind. Lessons To My Younger Self comes in lifestyle and workstyle series. The journal edition encourages the reader to personalize each lesson and relate it to one’s own experiences.

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About Nenna


Nnenna Uboma is a transformational leader, mentor, coach, and tech guru. She has pivoted a career for herself in data analytics, data science and has increasingly taken on leadership positions. This is a career where Black women leaders are very scarce, and she has been able to rise in Corporate Canada. In her quest to get more black professionals into data science and analytics, she has personally mentored and coached more than 1000 professionals to successfully pursue a career in the data domain in the last seven years. Nnenna is the recipient of the Top 100 Accomplished Black Canadians in 2022. She is also a recipient of the 2023 Trailblazer award by the Nigerian-Canadian newspaper, Canada. Nnenna also received the 2023 top 10 women in Business from CIOLook magazine, United States.

Nnenna is currently a Global Risk Management Director in Scotiabank Canada where she oversees the analytics team.

She migrated to Canada in 2010 with her husband and three children. She has been featured in The Guardian and Thisday newspapers and also in the COO look US magazine. She loves to impact knowledge and motivate people to go above and beyond. Nnenna has published many articles that relate to data and is known as a thought leader. Her articles have been published in LIGS University annual conference proceedings and recently in the CIOlook US magazine. She was also featured by Changemakers magazine and has attended many private round tables with many technology global leaders. She has served on the board of directors for Council of Nigerian professionals in Canada, and GreenUrban Vitalization Canada.

Nnenna Uboma, author of the book Lesson to my younger selfShe volunteers in the community in many capacities such as speaking, coaching and organizing events. She organized a youth event in 2019 attended by over 100 high school students and obtained ILead certificates for participants. Nnenna supported the launch of BeyondMath where she serves as the Chief Strategic Officer. Her leadership and guidance gained BeyondMath a feature on Canada Broadcasting Service (CBC news) in February of 2023. She contributed as a co-author of Beyond Math workbooks and super heading strategies to grow Beyond Math including the inaugural math competition happening this summer. She has become a source of inspiration to many young adults and has supported many to become leaders of tomorrow. She uses her network to educate and support young people with opportunities such as summer companies which many black teenagers were able to participate in as well as many other Initiatives.

Nnenna’s newest addition is her book series “Lessons to my younger self”. The book articulates her journey and experiences and pays forward to everyone who would consider walking the same path. The book targets young adults and provides guidance and leadership.

Being an immigrant woman of color, she has gained influence championing excellence beyond the odds.


As she is such an inspiring woman, we interviewed Nenna. You can watch the video below. Don’t miss out on it. Her story is truly motivating. 



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