LIGS University Explores the Magic of Kenya

5. 6. 2023

This month, we had the exciting opportunity to travel virtually to Kenya, a beautiful country in East Africa. From the stunning landscapes to the vibrant culture and wildlife, our trip filled us with unforgettable experiences. Our students helped us to explore Kenya and shared the secrets of this paradise. 


Discover the Rich and Diverse Traditions of Kenya


Kenya is a beautiful country known for its diverse culture, peaceful nature, and friendly people. With over 40 tribes and 48 counties, it is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Give rise to a unique and vibrant Kenyan identity that is celebrated all over the world. An average Kenyan speaks at least three languages – their mother tongue, Swahili, and English. It shows just how culturally rich Kenya is and how diverse its people are.

I am proud to be a Kenyan, and I love my country whole-heartedly.” – says our student Noreen Nthiga.




Experience the Warmth and Generosity of Kenyan People through Their Traditional Dishes


Kenyans are merry and welcoming – hospitality is a massive part of their culture. They say Kenyan homes are always open to guests, and food is a unifying factor that brings people together. They consider it rude to reject an offer for something to eat and offer their guests traditional Kenyan delicacies such as Ugali with tilapia fish (wet fry) and Sukuma wiki, or Nyama Choma (Roasted Meat), Ugali and Kachumbari. These are some of the dishes that are popular in the country and are a reflection of Kenyan culture.


Explore the Best Destinations in Kenya


Apart from the friendly and welcoming nature of its people, Kenya is also known for its beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. The country has a lot to offer to both locals and tourists alike. From the magical Maasai Mara, home to the world-famous wildebeest migration, to the beautiful and clean beaches in Diani, Kenya has something for everyone. The countryside is also a must-visit, with its breathtaking landscapes and greenery that is a sight to behold. Hiking mountains and swimming on coastal beaches are some of the activities that visitors can indulge in while in the country.


Discover Kenya's Natural Wonders and Rich History


One of the things making Kenya unique is its wildlife and game reserves. The country is home to the big five game and numerous lakes, rivers, and forests. The national park within Nairobi City is also a popular tourist attraction, where visitors can enjoy a game drive and spot animals such as lions, leopards, and rhinos. Additionally, the country has a rich history and numerous historic sites that visitors can explore.

There are many tourist attractions, including a national park within Nairobi City, world-famous Masaai Mara wildebeest migrations, the big five game, historic sites, a coastal line with sandy beaches, and numerous lakes, rivers, and forests.” – says our student Daniel Omoro


kenya 2


Even paradise has its downsides.


Despite its many tourist attractions, Kenya faces challenges, such as poor quality of political leadership and a slow justice system. These are some of the areas where the country needs to improve if it is to reach its full potential. Better quality of political leadership and robust and speedy justice systems would help enhance the country's growth and development.


Let's finish this travel guide on a positive note, shall we? This quote from one of our students summarizes it all: 

"Many things make us proud of being Kenyan such as being among top tourist destinations, home to the world's greatest marathon runners, and being the roots of America's first black President."

Kenya is a country full of untapped potential and endless possibilities. Come and experience the magic of Kenya for yourself!


Students who participated in the article


  • Mary, a potential applicant at LIGS University 
  • Noreen Nthiga, Doctor of Philosophy in Project Management
  • Daniel Omoro, Ph.D. in Finance. 
  • Caroline Jerop Lagat

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