LIGS University receives a prestigious nomination for LinkedIn Talent Award 2022

3. 6. 2023

LIGS University is among the academic institutions nominated for the 2022 LinkedIn Talent Award. The university is the U.S. finalist for Learning Champion within the Academia tier.


Each year, the LinkedIn Talent Awards recognize organizations demonstrating extraordinary adaptability, innovation, and creativity. Awards received in the Learning Champion, Diversity and Inclusion Champion, and Talent Innovator categories.


linkedin talent award


Being nominated as a finalist in the Learning Champion category is a tremendous accomplishment for us,” said William A. Reed, Ph.D., president of LIGS University. “At LIGS University, we provide the best possible educational experience. It is a great pleasure to receive this award for our efforts.

Over the past 17 years, LIGS University has helped thousands of students achieve their dream career goals. The university offers MBA, DBA, and Ph.D. programs in business and management. LIGS is known for its innovative online learning platform and international teaching team.

We are proud to have 17 years of growth servicing our students. We are constantly improving our educational services to ensure that our students receive the best possible education,” said Dr. Pavel Makovsky. “The LinkedIn nomination is further evidence of our commitment to excellence in education. We are excited to see what the future holds.

As a finalist in the Learning Champion category, LIGS University demonstrated commitment to its students, mainly because of the provision of efficient and flexible services. We help students from around the world to achieve their educational goals.

LinkedIn will announce the winners of the 2022 LinkedIn Talent Awards at the end of March.

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