Sudan Chronological of Inheritance Legacy Employment inequality in industry

10. 23. 2023

Sudan inheritance legacy in employment industrial that based on inequality policy for employment inefficiency to selective criteria. A debatable on issues related to the nature of the Sudanese and contridectory factors in terms of Sudanese identity. The Impact of such political differences into employment industrial and the nature of recruitment policy. Eruption of civil war is the rebirth of indigenous marginalization as first nation in the country.Employment decline productivity and industry system dysfunctional due to polarization functionality. Requirement of new industrial functional system to accumulate the modern the Sudan.The industrial operability performance has been built on managerial of minority in terms of employment distribution.

Historically, Sudan has and is struggling to accumulates it is population in transformable of inheritance legacy that divided the Sudan instead of unification. The Sudanese are debatable on social progenies of their identity the origin and the deniable throughout the history. Addressing the above chronological impact of political definition of the Sudanese originality before the global community. Failure to describe the Sudanese roots of their nation nationality identification. Therefore, the acceleration of unknown of the Sudanese culture and belongness refer to the escaping of the reality. The appearance of Islamic radicalization was the interpretation of the denasality of the reality of Sudanese origin. Eruption of civil war is the rebirth of indigenous marginalization as first nation in the country. Employment decline productivity and industry system dysfunctional due to polarization functionality. Requirement of new industrial functional system to accumulate the modern the Sudan.


Sudan has been known with debatable of ethnicity distancing and segregation of cultural collisions. These dubious resided in DNA blood that transform from generations to the other on expenses of others. These ethnical philosophical of functionality is replicable of native people on form of marginalization. The colonization was able to educate their children to be superiority and others to be inferiority. Jok (2012). The industrial operability performance has been built on managerial of minority in terms of employment distribution. Which has been interpreted into real implication on daylight. Kustenbauder (2012). This may be necessarily to treated as accusation but rather as sort of an awareness of the reality to be notify.

Industrial functionality

The industry continues to decrease although many efforts have been made to improve the functionality of the industry. This includes labors working conditions and social security in workplace environment. Saleh (2019).  There are other boundaries to be considered in terms of multiculturalism ethnicity in workplace sectors. As matter of reality the industrial suffered directly due to such political and economic mismanagement. Jok (2012).

Methods of recruitment 

The nature of employment methodology in the country known to be from a word of mouth and unadvertised in public on most occasions. Due to the sensitivity of the recruiter bias or causational of recruitment unwanted tribal men or women. Saleh (2019). Unpredicted the applicant ends up on rejection of the application without reason to be mentioned or disclosed. However, the selected candidates could relate to the recruiter or from the existing employee recommendation. Whereas sometimes the employment accepts the applicant based on his or her friend of friends. Kustenbauder (2012). Often this would not recognize to be based on qualification or appropriate conditions for work requirement. (Ndip and Lang (2019).

Selection of labors suitability

The Sudanese structure of labor market and the conditions of work descriptions that should related to geographical locations, gender considerations, educational base on qualifications. The scrutiny of selection criteria for suitable employees could consume one month or more depends on the clarity of the candidates. Although this has nothing to do with qualifications or any means of experiences earned by the candidate. However, that include religion affiliation and tribal background or location of his origin state. Kustenbauder (2012).  In opinion which indicates that if a candidate is from other states than northern of the country will not be considered. Potentially it maybe that if the employment application did not require for a candidate to clearly mention his/her tribe. The requirement of mentioning a tribe show how seriousness would be for the applicant to get a job. (Ndip and Lang (2019).

Legal hours of work

Work conditions relate to working hours known to be clear for all employees in the entire country and work union. Refer to eight hours per day which would be 48 hours per week and that is 192 hours per a month. This according to the Sudanese payment system of paying employees on monthly basis. Eissa (2013). Consequently, this is legal side of the work conditions, but the reality is not that far. For instance, the employers oppressed the employees to work until late evening with the same wages of 8 hours per day. Saleh (2019). This led to the employee to work extra overtime of 4 hours of uncounted. That add into 24 hours per week to be 96 hours per a month of unpaid wages. Eissa (2013). Consequently, the labors from marginalized community could be punish with the redundancy if he or she refused to work overtime under the same wages.

Labors wages and entitlements  

In Sudan there is no specific wages rates to be published in public or private sectors before employment recruitment. Therefore, the applicant applies for job without clarification from the work description or conditions of employment. International labor organization (2012). Arguably, many applicants found themselves in trap and unfair employment rates and wages. This happens due to the lack of employment in the whole country and high competition in work industrial. The low pay rates in comparison to other countries classified to be the lowest remuneration. (Ndip and Lang (2019). Although the risks are high to be considered, but due to jobless every candidate just wants to get a job. (Ndip and Lang (2019).

Negotiation ability 

The negotiable of labors in terms of their rights are not available in sense that the employer has a power to employ whoever he or she intends to. Eissa (2013). Often there is no work contract or agreement that gives employees term of employment and wages expected to be pay. International labor organization (2012). Further, for the health and safety of the individuals and company is that the entity must develop working conditions. Often there is no educational training and skillful labors who can be effectively able to negotiate for the benefits of the employees. This may guarantee his/her business prosper and health productive performance by the employees.

Education and training opportunities

Employer should invest on education and training for his/her industry through training the employees to be more effective and productive. Lack of education and training the entity could face unexpected challenges or loss. International labor organization (2012).

Capitalism and managerial authority 

Capitalism is the power of controller in industrial production capacity directly to the consumers distribution. This is due to power controller who has authority to approve and disapprove of any decision to be made in business and market performance. The power controller lead by investors and effective commercial elites in industrial management system. While a controlling room hold all keys that lead into investment and exportation perspectives. Continuation of poverty runs after the nation due to minority of stakeholders who hold capitalism in controlling room. Saleh (2019).

Investment equal opportunities

Country economic stability and market growth appeared to be relay heavily on great investment performance.

Market controllability

Commercial and markets in the country were under businessmen and businesswomen, which create obstacles against the progression of economic growth. The government should have market framework and clear policies that guide the markets movement. Kustenbauder (2012). The controllability by businessmen and women experiences to be through pricing manipulation and falsification manner. This business behavior risks the population into poverty in which it is already in that recession. Eissa (2013).

Trade and loan eligibility

Retails activities in form of exchanging and distribution of productive are controlled by certain figures of businessmen and women. Commercial performances were experienced to be on the hands of government related closeness relatives. Dibie (2018). Therefore, others not necessarily to be from such relatives may have difficulty access to loan application. For instance, for individual to be eligible he or she must have strong backing to receive business loan. Kustenbauder (2012).

Beneficiary of natural resources

Sudan owns reasonable sufficient of natural resources and mineral that would have satisfied the population in terms of meeting necessity needs. Dibie (2018). The beneficiaries and stakeholders have paid tremendous aspect to transform such resources into local beneficial.

Philosophical strategic for poverty change 

Sudan has experienced tremendous periods of famine and holistic of hunger that occupied living circumstances and day-by-day.  In fact, the centrality of poverty lay on the absentee of prevention policy and economic stable growth. Previous governments repeatable negligent on poverty continuity has revealed inappropriate of mismanagement. Department of agricultural had reduce the fuel subsidies that encourage both large and small farmers. Failure of agricultural production which would have supplied the nation of sufficient food security. Poverty could be prevented and killed through reduce via philosophical strategic of proper management action plan. Dibie (2018). Creation of a philosophical strategical good governance system and manageable in changing poverty. Savage (2013).

Roadmap reinforcement for Change

The strategical roadmap to reinforce the change to express, the government and specially the department of trade and agricultural industrial should exercise the following:

  1. Industry must reform to meet international standards for food security and promote better agricultural sector.
  2. Trading and commercial activities must be undertaken by the government and not on the hands of individuals capitalism figures.
  3. Manufacturing industrial productivity and market pricing should control by the government trade department.
  4. Labor bill must be considered as their priority to reduce the poverty and unemployment rates in the country. And transitional opportunities to overcome the challenges through manageable policies. Khalifa (2020).
  5. The regulations regarding the above practices should be reinforced enact by law and supervision of the market management on daily basis. Dibie (2018).

Breakdown the hereditary of the legacy that created differences of inequality in employment industry on expenses of others. Moss (2017).  



The main root causes, of the Sudanese economic struggling is based on the dividable of their identity. This resulted into difficulty of accumulates the population in transformable through employment industrial means. The colonization ideology that inherited as legacy to the general had divided the Sudanese into ethnicities groups.  The consequently the industry suffer severely and face difficulty to recover economically and politically.

The industry has decrease in productivity performance and failure to contribute into economic growth. The repeatable of government negligent on poverty community continuity. The department of agricultural has reduce the performance of agricultural reproduction. Failure of agricultural production was indication of insufficient support. Poverty could be prevented and killed through reduce via philosophical strategic of proper management action plan.


Author: Benjamin Angalo, student LIGS University
Approved by: Dr. Minh Nguyen, lecturer LIGS University

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