The Importance of Digital Transformation in Business

4. 30. 2019

Digital Transformation and the application of new technologies in the world of business is a very important topic. Just as the Industrial Revolution began in the 18th century, we are now part of the Digital Revolution. We bring you an interview with our student and expert in Digital Transformation, Mariano Andres Hernandez Ceron from Spain.

MarianoHello, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Mariano Hernandez. I have been working in the field of technology and services for 20 years in companies like Sun Microsystems, EDS, Indra and currently Apple, being in charge of the business for Spain. I am from a small city in Spain, but I have been living in Madrid for the past 25 years. My hobbies are teaching, Unix, technology and behavioral studies.

You are the Senior Business Development Manager at Apple. How is it to work for such a high caliber firm like Apple, especially at such a high position?

As in any other company, it has its ups and downs. I cannot discuss details of the company, but it obviously is a massive company with attention to detail and privacy of clients.

Recently you have directed a seminar for ELLE International Fashion and Luxury Management Program, with collaboration with MIT and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. What was the topic and could you give us a summary?

That´s right, the topic was innovation in the sector of fashion, new technologies and how they influence the habits of consumers. This opens many options in marketing. These 2 factors are the core of my doctorate at the university. 


Do you mean technology in the hands of the consumer? Could you give us an example?

Of course – at this moment, brands have the opportunity to relate with the consumer through a smartphone and the expectations of clients change. Not only do we have to think about how to improve the experience in digital channels using technology, but also how this technology improves the experience in a shop.  

You published a book recently, could you tell us what it´s about and where to find it?

Actually, I have published 2 books. Both are notes from my classes and they are focused towards the public that wishes to engage in the topics they portray. The first book is about Digital Transformation – its key concepts and basics. The second book is about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the business world. Both serve as essential reading to the classes I impart.

What is your vision for Artificial Intelligence in the world of business? Is it possible, when, and its implications?

Artificial Intelligence is already a part of the business world. It is impacting our habits more than we give it credit. Part of my doctoral investigation is to investigate the effect of this technology on the behavioral patterns of clients/consumers. Implications are yet to be seen and discussed. What already is known, is that artificial intelligence is limited by correct management and application.

How did you find LIGS University, and what inspired you to enroll in the Ph.D. program?

I was looking for a university that is beyond online learning and allowed me to combine my studies with my professional activities. The history of the university was decisive.

What are your goals with the Ph.D. at LIGS University? How will the title help you?

My goals are to learn more about the subjects I employ with my clients and in the classes I impart. The classes and the doctoral studies allow me to stay up to date and offer the best treatment to my clients. I am not after the title, but I am after the knowledge and skills that I will use on a daily basis.

You began your studies in April 2018, how has your experience with LIGS University been in that time?

It has been great, I have been able to divide my studies into blocks, work on my papers at my own pace with the final objective of the dissertation. I think that the model of the university is perfect for professionals like me.

Would you recommend studies at LIGS University to other people?

I would recommend it to anyone that wishes to advance their knowledge and skills.


Thank you very much for the interview!

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