Opening Our Doors Scholarship

Educational Fund for Hawaii residents

Pay minimum tuition of 100 USD for the start of your studies and add whatever amount you want to as a voluntary contribution. We will put it in the Education Fund for other students in need from Hawaii.

You pay little, we pay the rest! Start your studies with LIGS University and support your local community.

This offer is time-limited and there are only a few spots available.

As a Hawaiian institution, it is important for us to support our local community.

Prospective students living in Hawaii can now apply for this fantastic opportunity. We at LIGS University believe that Higher Education should be available to those who possess skills but lack funding. This is one way you and we together can help others to achieve their dreams.



How it works?

  • Apply for LIGS University MBA
  • Pay the Application Fee of 100 USD
  • Pay the minimum tuition amount of 100 USD
  • Add whatever amount to the minimum tuition of 100 USD upon your satisfaction with the MBA program and we will add it to our Education Fund for Hawaii residents to support local communities.


Conditions for the Scholarship

  • Applicants must be Hawaii residents OR living in Hawaii part of the year
  • The student must meet normal admission standards
  • They must be accepted into the program by the Vice Provost
  • All scholarships are awarded on the basis that you will maintain an enrolled status in your course of study. Your scholarship may be terminated if your enrollment status is inactive at the census date.
  • At the end of the program, you decide the amount of your contribution to the education fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Educational Fond for Hawaii residents?

As the name itself suggests, it is an Education Fund for Hawaii residents. We believe education should be available and affordable to everyone who possesses the talent, knowledge, and drive to learn. Not everyone can afford Higher Education, that's what this Fund is for, to help everyone who wants to study, but lacks funding. To help the local Hawaiian community to grow.

How does the funding of the Education Fund for Hawaii residents work?

It's easy! If you already possess Hawaiian residence, you can apply for funding for your MBA degree at LIGS University. As mentioned above all Applicants must meet the admission criteria and admission standards. The final acceptance is decided by the Vice Provost of LIGS University.

How can I be part of the Educational fund for Hawaii residents?

Every prospective student with Hawaiian residency who meets the admission criteria can be a part of this. Once you conclude your studies, you will decide whatever amount for the tuition to donate and give back to your community as well.

What degree can I apply for with Educational Fond for Hawaii residents?

This Educational Fund is available only for our Online Interactive MBA Program.

Is it really up to me how much I want to donate?

Yes, you can. There is no trick! It is truly up to your own decision.

Retaining your scholarship
  • Maintain enrollment in an approved course
  • Adhere to the university’s academic and administrative policies
  • Maintain residency status
Grounds for scholarship termination
  • Discontinued from your course or have inactive enrollment
  • Failed to meet the eligibility criteria and conditions of your scholarship
  • Failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • If your scholarship is terminated you will not receive any further tuition assistance

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