Jan Novotny
Jan Novotny
Consultant, self-employed

The pursuit of an MBA is generally perceived as a prestigious endeavor, which is a stepping-stone for managers on their way to career development. However, the MBA program at LIGS offers much more than just a prestigious and internationally recognized degree. The road the LIGS tutors decided to follow is built in conjunction with the practical side of the manager's life, which is derived not only from the theoretical knowledge studied through books but also his own practical experience without which any manager cannot get by.

The whole program is built in such a way that every student has his own need to gain as much new practical and theoretical knowledge as possible (a great contribution is a consultation in a group with experiences in different professional fields), work on himself and develop his potential. I would warmly recommend this program to all managers regardless of their level of their competences, who have the need to work on themselves and grow. This program has a huge potential for those who work in fields generally understood as not linkable with an MBA (primarily fields such as armed services, police, emergency and rescue services, public and state administration). Strictly speaking, the MBA study at LIGS covers everything that is possible to imagine under in the educational programs for managers.

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