Pantelakis Philippou Panteli

Pantelakis Philippou Panteli
Pantelakis Philippou Panteli
Assistant Professor

From September 2016 until today, Pantelis is the General Manager of C.A.Papaellinas Logistics Services Ltd, a company that provides warehousing, re-packing, distribution and forwarding services in Cyprus.

From late 2004 till late 2016, Pantelis worked in MSD Animal Health Corporation. From 2013 until 2016 he worked in MSD Animal Health FZ LLC based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Pantelis has long years’ experience in Accounting and Finance, Demand and Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Inventory Management, FMCG, and Procurement. During his 12 years in MSD, he had led and participated in a plethora of workshops and trainings related to the above-mentioned areas. In 2007, he was a project leader, responsible for the integration of the Supply Chain and logistics of Intervet and Schering Plough Corporation. In 2009, he was responsible for the integration of the Supply Chain and logistics of Intervet-Schering Plough Corporation and MSD. In 2013, he was a project member in charge for the transfer of the warehouse and logistics operations of MSD Animal Health from Cyprus to Dubai. During the project, Pantelis was responsible for the inbound and outbound logistics and the warehouse set up in the UAE.

Pantelis received several awards from the management of MSD regarding his quality of work.

  • In 2008, he received an award in recognition of efforts in reaching the targets set with respect to the obsolete stock levels and stock ageing for 2007.
  • In 2009, he received an award for the contribution to the finance country integration and internal audit success.
  • In 2013, he received the leadership award of “Foster Collaboration” in appreciation of the dedication to teamwork, loyalty to his job, outstanding performance and the desire to fulfil the goals of the company.
  • In 2014, he received the leadership award of “Drive Results” for setting clear performance standards, overcoming obstacles, striving for continues improvement and holding stakeholders accountable for achieving results.
  • In 2015, he received two awards, one on Demonstrate Ethics and Integrity and one on Making Rapid and disciplined decisions.

Until 2004, Pantelis worked for Accounting / Auditing firms in Cyprus as an Accountant. Here he was responsible for preparing the financial statements of several offshore and many local organizations.

Pantelis got his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University in the United States in 2001 and his MBA from LIGS University in 2016. He completed an Interactive Online MSc program at LIGS University with a specialization in Finance in 2021.

As a tutor, Pantelis believes in effective communication and building rapport with the students. He is encouraging the students to think out of the box, to conducting research, and to writing seminar papers by using real-life examples.

Pantelis is married to Joanna and has two daughters, Elena and Maria.

Motto: “Hard work and discipline always pays back”.

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