Zita Pouzarova

Zita Pouzarova
Zita Pouzarova

Zita Pouzarova graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Prague in the field of Management of Business and Public Services. In 2011, she defended her Ph.D. with a dissertation on "Creative accounting and accounting frauds as a violation of a true and fair image of accounting". In 2017, she obtained an MBA in Financial Management and Accounting.

Since 1997 she has worked as a tax advisor, accountant, economic adviser and as a managing director of TAXART CZ, which provides tax, accounting and economic advice. She has also participated in business projects in the field of capital transactions with companies, in creation of internal directives and the statutes of accounting units, transfer pricing methodology and research and development of projects in the area of tax deductions.

She specializes in aspects of the reporting ability of accounting statements from a true and fair view of accounting. She also specializes in creative accounting methods, accounting fraud, including the design of methods to detect the risk of manipulation of financial statements and the impact on financial management of commercial corporations under the terms of Czech accounting regulations and IFRS (US GAAP).

Zita is the author of both domestic and foreign publications in these areas and created the CFEBT model for detecting the risk of accounting mistakes and fraud. Since 2005, she has been an assistant professor at the Department of Accounting and Finance of the Faculty of Economics at the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, where she is a lecturer in courses International Financial Reporting, Accounting Auditing, Financial Accounting and Fundamentals of Accounting.

Her aim is to combine academic knowledge with practice so that students can make the most of their creativity in understanding individual aspects and relationships in solving individual tasks and problems. She approaches each student individually and likes to see them being active in class.

Motto: "Success starts in your head. Follow your dreams and start with an idea!"

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