Robert Fiala
Robert Fiala
Contact with customers - negotiation, Valeo Compressor Europe s.r.o.

The study enriched me greatly and was a great benefit to me. The employees at the student administration office and tutors deserve all the praise they can get. They were always extremely helpful.

My assessment of the freedom of studies is nothing but positive. A student can start to study from the easiest to the most difficult subjects or the other way around at his discretion.
I have really appreciated that the lectures were held during evening hours and available online. This fact certainly counts as a modern concept of learning.
A student is able to apply gained information in practical life, which is mainly thanks to the tutors with professional practice and rich experience. With one of them, I was also in consultation with when I wrote my final paper. I would like to thank him and the whole LIGS University team. My cooperation with you was excellent.

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