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LIGS University wants to support highly motivated, experienced and qualified applicants from around the world. 

Applicants interested in studying the online program at LIGS University may choose from the scholarship topics of the dissertation, which are topics that are of interest to LIGS University. Applicants can select one of the offered topics and after a review process by our committee and maintaining the requirements set by LIGS University, can be entitled to receive a scholarship. The eligibility will be reviewed by the Admission Advisor and the Supervisor of the thesis.

Scholarship terms and conditions

  • The dissertation topic must be processed by a qualified individual in a chosen field;
  • The request for the chosen scholarship needs to be accompanied by the official dissertation scholarship request form; 
  • The dissertation topic scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship;
  • Scholarship topics should focus on a specific country;
  • The dissertation topics must be viewed through the lens of the selected DBA or Ph.D. specialization, and should focus on the chosen problem with respect and relation to the given specialization;
  • The awardee must meet any additional criteria established by LIGS University;
  • The scholarship award is conditioned by submitting a scientific research paper related to the topic of dissertation or a part of the dissertation thesis within 3 months from the date of awardee’s enrollment;
  • The scientific research paper or the part of the dissertation thesis needs to be reviewed, assessed and approved by LIGS University representative.

The list of available scholarship topics of dissertation

Entrepreneurship of women
  • research focused on local or global business conditions, political and economic business setting
  • research should be conducted through interviews, analysis of life and business history and experience


Entrepreneurship of young people
  • research focused on local or global business conditions and opportunities, political,  economic business setting and educational background. 
  • research should be conducted through interviews, analysis of life and business history and experience
Impact of competition on entering new markets (innovation, successful entry strategies, the role of social media)
  • focus on the following product: higher education online
Efficiency and effectiveness of the seller and buyer communication process via computer on the selected market
  • focus on the following product: higher education online
Brand Reputation management on the internet and social media networks
  • What tools are currently being used for advertising products and building brand image? Description/analysis of most used social media?
  • Analysis and research of particular brand reputation management in a country/region. 
Position and situation of online programs in the context of the education market in the selected country
  • offer comparison, use marketing tools and their effectiveness, market segmentation, expectations of a potential students, etc.
  • implementation plan proposal including the cost calculation for entering a selected market with another online program
  • online communication marketing plan, communication on social media networks, etc.
  • public and institutional perception of online education 
Education costs vs. the quality of tertiary education
  • percentage of the population with tertiary education, expectation, chances and career impact
  • criteria and requirements for admission
  • the success of graduates, eg. the unemployment rate after graduation
Foreign capital in tertiary education
  • emphasis on the permeability of the system - language of instruction, prestige of tertiary education institution with respect to foreign capital 
  • language skills requirements
  • share of foreign professors at universities
Managing the regionalization of African education systems
  • account of initiatives and organizations involved in education systems and their impact 
  • educational policies, regulations and law
  • common framework, obstacles and opportunities
Challenges and opportunities of data networks in developing countries and their development
  • mobile networks, data networks and 3G, 4G coverage in the selected country
  • technology ownership 
Internet banking and smart banking in a selected developing country
  • overage, opportunities and possibilities 
  • smart banking situation mapping
  • SWOT analysis of smart banking implementation  
  • use of the internet payment systems such as PayPal, Flywire, Stripe etc. as well as international cash payment systems (such as MoneyGram, Western Union, etc.
Differences and specific principles in management styles
  • case study or comparison of differences in management styles specific and common for a certain country or a region
  • focus on intercultural, psychological and behavioral differences and conditions
Institutional void and developing capabilities in a selected developing or emerging country
  • essential institutions for management improvement in a selected region
  • schools of management and their quality
  • necessary management competencies
  • corporate governance system, CSR
  • what is needed to obtain a top management position in a selected country and market
  • obstacles, redundancy, level of nepotism, corruption, or vice versa
  • importance of education vs emphasis on practice
Educational systems in selected countries
  • educational system
  • requirements for admission
  • accreditation criteria, challenges and opportunities

Informative channels in a selected country with the emphasis on advertisement

  • overview and assessment of information and communication channels
  • common advertisement practice and its effectiveness and efficacy 
  • contemporary trends in emerging communication and information channel
Available broad research topics
  • Changing business landscape in relation to coronavirus pandemic in your region
  • Profitability management in relation to coronavirus pandemic in your region
  • Change of  business models in relation to coronavirus pandemic in selected countries
  • Cybersecurity in the selected country or region
  • The role of CFO in changing environment
  • The role of CEO in changing environment 
  • The role of COO in changing environment
  • The role of HR in changing environment
  • The role of CMO in changing environment
  • Startups and Entrepreneurship in changing environment
  • Public Health and Nutrition in changing environment 
  • Essential managerial skills and competencies in a selected market
  • Project and Risk Management in changing environment
  • Green economy, its importance, impact, principles and specifications in selected region

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