Global Marketing

Become a scientifically qualified expert who shines on the international marketing stage.

Communication is the cornerstone of marketing — this is especially true in an international environment. Become familiar with the specific needs of regional market segments. This in-depth course will also help develop pricing strategies that will engage customers. Students will discover how to use relevant marketing tools to attract clients through traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies.

Course Objectives

Entering the international market comes with both rewards and challenges. The interdisciplinary factors affecting one's overall success must be analyzed and should result in a modern, scalable marketing strategy. The Global Marketing course gives you all the knowledge necessary to combine an international product, pricing, sales, and communication policies into a successful implementation.

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What will you study?

Global Marketing

The aim of this course is to reveal to the students the basic principles, specifics and tools of strategic marketing in the global market.

Students will learn about important marketing practices and methods of marketing research that will help them understand the global environment in a broader context. The topics discussed in the first part of the course are dedicated to the research of the international environment including the economic, demographic, technological, socio-cultural, ecological, political and legal factors.

Participants of the course will also obtain important and current information about the selection of target markets, positioning, segmentation and branding in the international environment, and will become familiar with its specifics. The marketing mix and communication mix in the global context are also included in this course.

The last part of the course is dedicated to the factors that influence decisions to enter international markets. Students will get the essential knowledge of the forms of entry to the markets that require minimal capital investments (licensing, franchising).

Upon completion of the course the students will have the essential knowledge of marketing in a global context and will be able to assess the strategic marketing questions from the global perspective stretching beyond the boundaries of a single country.

Course Content & Curriculum

  • The definitions of marketing
  • Research of environment and situation
  • International marketing activities
  • From the global viewpoint

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to…

  • Integrate classical and contemporary marketing theory and practice into the challenges and opportunities inherent in global and cross-cultural marketing

  • Apply marketing strategies, practices and tools, including financial metrics, to the context of organizations and markets of various size, needs, desires and potential.

  • Determine entry points, potential opportunities and pitfalls, and gauge ROI for markets for locations, cultures or markets different from their own.

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