Stage 2: Specialization Module

Specialization Module

The Specialization Module is where you can customized your degree to suit your academic and career goals. You will select the courses to accrue the 18 credits required for graduation.

Key Account Management
Acquire skills necessary to maximize your profit and returns
Strategic Management
Learn how to set the long-term direction of your company and move up the ranks of elite managers
Project Management
Unlock the secrets of project management by taking control of your professional tasks
Global Marketing
Become a scientifically qualified expert who shines on the international marketing stage
Supply chain and Logistics
Learn the management strategies and analytical skills to efficiently transport of goods domestically and globally
IT Management and Cybersecurity
We will show you the key principles that will guide you into becoming a great cyber guardian
HR Planning and Development
Understand the key areas of HR and set an effective HR strategy
Risk Management
Understand the inner workings of the financial market and learn how to boost your investment returns
Financial Management
Form a thorough understanding of the operations and instruments that revolve around finance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility is closely tied to corporate reputation and employee retention rate
Master the theory behind operating a business online while also making use of practical skills in marketing and accounting
Data Science
Join the wave of digitalization, revamp your work with modern systems and technologies
Crisis Management
Modern managers need to be well prepared for everything, including unexpected crises that impact businesses

Application for study

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