IT Management and Cybersecurity

We will show you the key principles that will guide you into becoming a great cyber guardian.

Master strategic development within a company’s IT infrastructure while focusing on data protection and security. These skills will aid you in gaining a global perspective in the areas of infrastructure planning and both software and hardware development. By grasping approaches related to data security and access principles, you’ll remain at the forefront of cybersecurity in corporate environments.

Course Objectives

Our program faculty will introduce you to the expanding world of IT business and expand both your managerial and technical competence. Through working with a talented group of experts, you’ll equip yourself with the ability to analyze and critically evaluate corporate IT strategies. Ultimately, this course will increase the merit of your IT department and your entire company alike.

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What will you study?

IT Management and Cybersecurity

Modern life is digital.

IT is the spine of each business. How to create an effective IT team, how to organize hardware, software and networks, why IT should become not a supportive, but central part of your business. 

Aim of the course is to give an overview of how to make a “digital fortress” for of your business and how your business must use IT in a most effective way.

Course Content & Curriculum

  • Determining business requirements for IT systems

  • Managing IT budgets and costs

  • Managing IT teams. Challenges related

  • Controlling system and network security

  • Implementing new software, hardware and data systems

  • Providing technical or help desk support

  • Introduction to basic concepts related to cyber threats

  • Basic preventive measures against threats of attacks

  • Logins and their secure storages

  • Anti-Phishing

  • End-point security

  • Internet banking

  • Payment cards

  • Mobile phones

  • E-mails

  • Current most commonly used techniques cybersecurity (case-reports)

  • How to preserve if you become a victim of an attack

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to…

  • Assess the theoretical framework for developing an organization's IT strategy given its size, scope and capacity
  • Synthesize effective IT strategy using research-based best practices for hardware, software, systems and vendor capacities based on an assessment of current needs and anticipated growth
  • Evaluate optimized IT capacity and performance given rapid and complex changes at the level of an organization's internal and external ecosystems


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