Interactive Online MBA | Why your MBA degree matters

12. 28. 2021

The popularity of MBA courses among top managers has been growing in recent years. What's behind that? The MBA degree is one of the ways to increase the already acquired work and managerial skills. It opens the next door to your career and professional growth, as well as opportunities to get better financial rewards.

There are so many offers to study MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree out there. And prospective students are calling for it. An increasing number of universities are offering this study opportunity to their students. What's behind its recent popularity, and why study MBA at LIGS University?

The interactive online MBA at LIGS has one huge advantage. The entire studies happen online without the need to commute. It doesn't matter where you are. If you have a good connection, you can study from anywhere. Our university currently has an extensive academic staff. We have lecturers from 35 countries. They are experts with extensive work experience in marketing, management, HR, finance, and more. They pass on their practical skills and help their students build a network of contacts that will suit them in the future.

Accreditation of LIGS University | Quality matters 

One of the best benefits is getting a degree from an American accredited university. LIGS University boasts the highest level of accreditation - ASIC Premier University. It already shows the world that it is one of the best online educational institutions on the market.

The course of study at LIGS

The study takes place in the so-called self-paced learning form. Meaning you learn at your own pace and in conditions that suit you. Thanks to this fact, you can adjust the intensity of your studies. It makes it easier to combine work, student, and personal life. You will still have time for family and your hobbies.


Thanks to a sophisticated study information system, you have all the materials at your fingertips. An extensive electronic library, video programs, and other study materials are available. In reality, this means for you that you no longer have to buy any extra materials to study. And for those of you who learn better with listening, there is also a library full of audiobooks. Just put on your headphones and start learning.

The study advisor is always available, ready to help solve any problem you encounter during your studies. You also have the supervisor of your final thesis. The lecturers help their students to put the acquired knowledge into practice. There is no need for unnecessary swot up, only practical training.

Our students will finish 12 courses in the Interactive Online MBA program. Six of these courses in the basic module are the same for all students. What courses are they? It is Finance, HR, Communication, Management, Marketing, Managerial Etiquette, and Ethics.

What specializations do we currently offer for Interactive online MBA?

In addition, our graduates have access to the study information system one year after graduation and the opportunity to use all available materials. We believe that the MBA degree at LIGS University is the right way to jump-start your career. Give yourself a shot at a better future.

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